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Software/Application Development Case Study

Mark Gilbert from The Hay and Straw Company needed a web solution developed that made his company more efficient in the movement of product. Mark required a system that could manage the delivery of his products to farmers efficiently. The primary goal was to supply product to farmers when stock feed in the regions was in short supply.  A system was created for farmers to be able to make contact to organise feed supply, this system allowed the company to better organise and keep track of their orders.  Bale Load Version 1 has been a huge success.

Farming is still very much a hands-on approach, but with more and more younger farmers entering the market there is a real need to move towards the better use of technology and systems. Mark still finds that a large majority of his clients still prefer to call than fill out forms, this hasn’t been a stumbling block to the business, it is just the way it has done.

The most important aspect of this project was the organisation of the delivery of bale loads to farms. Mark wanted to build an option for the cartage of the hay and straw to customers from various locations using different trucking companies. The process was designed that customers would place their order, this order would be processed and then picked for delivery. This information then gets passed through to the trucking company who log into the same system and update the form after the collection of the goods. Mark as admin has control over the loads and orders, and the trucking companies have access to the system to update the delivery of the product once completed.

This project was new ground for Oraco Solutions at the time and with the help of Mark we came up with a system that has now worked for 10 years. Now is the time to improve on this system and move into stage 2 by implementing and making the process more automated and better than it has ever been before. Bale Load Version 2 will be launched in 2018.

Hay and Straw - Bale Load Program
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