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Hosting a website – Case Study

99% uptime for rock-solid performance, High-Security Network

Every online business would not exist if it did not have a home or a place to live.  Your site files would also not be possible without a domain name system (DNS).  This is the fundamental system that allows us to search the Internet.  

Oraco Solutions have been providing domain names and web hosting services since 2001 as a reseller. We provide all the major domain extensions available worldwide, including premium domain, sunrise domains and IDN Domain Registration to customers globally.  The premium and robust web hosting servers supply rock-solid performance and are located in the following countries, USA, Hong Kong, Turkey, India and the UK.  We have options available here in New Zealand and Australia through our different partners OpenHost, Business Catalyst and Neto.

Some of the web hosting options available include Shared, VPS, Linus KVM VPS, Dedicated Servers (Windows, Linux), Managed Servers.  We really do have a solution for all developers, including where we put our own clients.

It is important to get your web hosting services from a company that has the first-class experience and are backed behind a secure system.  This doesn’t mean that you should totally trust a hosting company to secure your files because like all hosting companies worldwide they are constantly having hackers trying to penetrate their services.  A good company will always offer security products to further help protect your site files. We recommend to all our clients that protection is the key to securing trust from your website visitors, therefore spending a little bit more in cost to have better monitors systems and tools available to enhance the security is a must for any online business.

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Hosting a website
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