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Easy Made Websites

Easy made websites by Oraco Solutions.

Our vision has been to create a website solution that caters and delivers for businesses a simple and professional product that engages your audience and becomes an effective tool for your digital strategy. Our aim is to make easy-made websites so business owners can carry on doing what they do best while leaving their digital presence for the Oraco Solutions team to manage and maintain.

Our professional designs and the Easy Made platform, will not only have your website looking professional and successful, but they will have added functionality and be maintained all year round. This will ensure that your website is performing as it should at all times.

Some of the best things in life can come easy and is why easy-made websites give business owners the control over their content with easy access to make the necessary changes as required.

This drag and drop solution is designed so that you can do the simple stuff while leaving the more technical parts to our team.

Starting from

What do I get?

Our system produces beautifully professional designed websites at affordable pricing.  Our team have worked hard to give clients value while maintaining a high level of standards for the end result. We have worked hard to bring Easy Made Website to the market, so business leaders can reduce initial development costs. There are absolutely no cutting corners on any project, the end result is the same quality as a product that is 4 times the value.

Why? There is no catch, just a change of mind set that a product can still be produced at an creditably high standard without comprising those standards and maintained and taken good care of.  Our goal is for business owners to focus on what they do best.

Starting from the very low cost of $449.00, is a pricing point we have worked hard to bring to the market, and without cutting any corners on your project, you are still receiving the same quality when the standard project price is at $1799.00. This is an amazing $1350.00 off the standard pricing, at only $449.00

Why are we doing this and what is the catch?  Once again there is absolutely no catch, we are just coming to the market at extremely competitive pricing with a better product and service with more options that make your website successful.

Want more details?

Our Product

Professional, clean and beautiful website designs that load fast and work with both mobile and tablet devices.
6 Pages that consist of the following: Home Page (with up to 6-7 sections) About Us, Contact Us  plus 3 pages of Customer Choice, Example: Services, Projects etc
Fantastic Google Tools included – Recaptcha, analytics and other great webmaster tools to enhance your searchability online.
Gallery (less than 20 images)
Basic Optimisation
Professional Header Menu and Footer Menu.

Monthly Maintenance: $35.00 per month

The maintenance programme will keep all plugins, up to date and if they break we fix them.

The maintenance package also includes the following:
12 Months Web Hosting
12 Months Domain Name – (Your domain name will need to be transferred to Oraco Solutions)

Add-on Options

Enhance your website further with our additional add-on options designed to give your website those extras from what the standard package offers.  Our affordable add-on features can be applied throughout any stage of the development of your website. We recommend taking a look through these options before ordering just the standard package.

“Need more than just what the standard packages offers? We have plenty of additional options to choose from to enhance your website. Each add-on option is affordable and can be implemented at any time. Just select the options that you want and leave the rest up to us.”

Additional Pages $10.00 per page
Privacy Policy $20.00 (or included in standard page package)
Testimonials $20.00
Social Add-on $10.00 per social connection
Full Optimisation (just how Google likes it) $179.00
Video Plugin (Excludes Video Stock) $49.00
Google Maps (including Google Business Places) $29.00
Facebook Pixel Install and Connected (tracking) $29.00
SEO Set up Light $99.00
Content/Website Updates 30 minute free, every 3 months $0.00
Content/Website Requested Updates 1 hour every month $65.00
Content /Website Requested Updates 2 hours every month $110.00
Single High Quality Stock Licensed Image $25.00
Bundle of 3 High Quality Stock Licensed Images $72.00
Bundle of 6 High Quality Stock Licensed Images $135.00
Advanced Gallery $49.00
Newsletter (Mail Chimp free version) $49.00
SEO Pro (Excludes Cost of Software) $299.00
Shop Setup Basic $199.00
Shop Set-up <50 Products $150.00
Shop Set-up <100 Products $250.00
Shop Set-up <200 Products $350.00
Shop Set-up <300 Products $399.00
Shop Set-up <400 Products $429.00
Shop Set-up <500 Products $449.00
Shop Set-up >500 Products QUOTE


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