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SEO 11 Step Guild

SEO is more than just content, in this article, we are going to briefly explain the fundamentals of SEO in 11 easy steps.



What is all the commotion about this SEO, why is it important? I have had a professional content writer produce my content to make sure that my business keywords will work well for our business online!  STOP right there!!  Search Engine Optimisation is more than just content, good content is certainly a key factor for SEO and keeping that content fresh and up to date is equally important. SEO is about a number of things, including the stuff we can’t see, like your off-page SEO, and the promotion method, these all go way beyond content and design.

SEO is more than just content, in this article, we are going to briefly explain the fundamentals of SEO in 11 easy steps.

1. Website Analysis

Website analysis is used to determine or estimate how the traffic to your website is performing, this can be particularly useful if you are running any type of advertising campaign and want to track your performance.  The analysis performed will provide you with the number of visitors and page views to your website, this will help gauge your Internet traffic and the trends for better future market research.  The metric’s available are important tools for measuring and understanding the traffic entering your website.  Adapting your site for best SEO performance, optimising your website and understanding your users will improve your website and increase its success rate.

2. Keyword Research

We hope that we don’t have to persuade you that keyword research is one of the highest return SEO activities that are essential to your marketing success.  Keywords don’t necessarily mean a singular word, they are more targeted search terms known in the industry as keyword metrics.

  • Seed Keyword
    Are the foundational keyword research that defines your niche and helps you identify your competitors. These are the current terms that you are currently using to describe your product or service. Understand your niche and who your competitors are will increase your opportunities.
  • Ideal Keyword
    Expanding on your seed keywords is an important step in how those keywords may rank, so generate a list of relevant keyword ideas and have a good understanding of what people in your niche are searching for in Google.

A good place to start is as follows:

  1. What keywords are you already ranking for?
  2. What keywords are your competitors ranking for?
  3. Research for your keywords.
  4. Understand your niche market.

Understanding the keyword metric is an important aspect that can not be forgotten or taken without due care, it is one of the fundamentals of how well your website may rank.  This is a short snippet of this complex metric, the science is much larger.

3. Competitors Analysis

This is simply the process of identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies relative to your own product or service and should be a critical part of your marketing plan. Through this plan, the approach to your SEO can be better prepared and strengthen your opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.  In some ways, it is the SWOT analysis for SEO if that helps you understand it better.  Another simple tip is to search your keyword list and write down the sites that show up in the top 10. We recommend that you make a list of these competitors and where they rank and add them to a list, exclude any large branded businesses as this will only skew your metrics.  Then further research your competitors with some great available online tools like SEMrush.

4. Webpage Optimisation

The key phrase in Web Optimisation is to build from scratch a website to rank well in search engines. With speed and responsiveness in mind and clever coding with optimised scripts are all important factors, including page titles, header tags, optimised URLs, page load time, internal linking, Google authorship and responsive design. Optimisation in most CMS (content management systems) are overlooked because a CMS system is designed for multiple users and may lack some optimisation opportunities through the code. A CSM system is designed for the massive, it is not tailored to your specific needs.  There are still a lot of good CMS systems in the market, but be warned, not every website is built equally or optimised the same way, with the same speed and unfortunately you can only optimise code if you have direct access to the CMS backend, which in most cases is highly unlikely unless you developed the CMS.

5. Social Media Integration

What does it mean? Simply connect your social accounts to your company website, through the most common displayed social icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the forgotten Google Plus.  Social Media is now a key strategy in your SEO plan. It is important to understand your marketing efforts and how the different generations are using different types of social media. This holds a key importance for your products and services.  Engagement is a key element in SEO and we mean multiple engagements and regularly.

6. Blog Submission

Building a blog page on your website can have excellent results for your SEO, using an external or free blog site may lose some benefit to your business when we talk about SEO, however, blog submissions are submitting your blog to different directories to gain natural traffic while increasing the visibility in the Search Engine.  Blogs are designed to reach your followers while building relationships with them to help with your products or services.  The key here of course is, if your content is good and relevant you have a much greater chance of your topics being shared, this can mean a much better ranking position for you in Google.

Some key things to include in your blogs are as follows.

  • Photography – having great photos with keyword tagging really can make the difference in your SEO, these Photos need to be original to get even better results.
  • Videos – A good opportunity to engage directly with your followers through your Blog is using video, and linking this back from your youtube channel is a powerful SEO tip.
  • Tools and plugins – If you can develop an original tool and install it on your website you can bet that you will get top Google rankings for a long time to come. Google is big on tools and helpful plugins that people can use in their everyday life.

The key point for Blog Submission for SEO is to simply submit monthly to directories that accept blog submissions, making sure your submissions have excellent and original content, including some of the above points to enrich your blog posts, which will lead more traffic to your website.

7. Press Releases

Press releases help improve your Google ranking. A well-written press release tells your followers, readers everything about your business, giving your business an exceptionally high-quality backlink.  Having quality backlinks is extremely important, watch out for spam type backlinks, these will only negative rank you.  The press release is about the announcement of new products, services, programs or events happening within your business. They will gain additional visibility to a search engine for your keywords and create quality keyword backlinks for your website and don’t forget they appear in Google news feeds for your keywords.  Don’t bank on one good press release sticking around forever, as they could be removed for whatever reason, so whenever you have an announcement or a product launch get out a new and engaging press release.

8. Article Submission

Are simply articles written about your business and submitted to article submission directories, similar to blog posts.  These submissions can enhance and improve your online ranking and quantity of backlinks to your website.
The 5 key points to consider here are

  • They should always be original articles
  • Should be keyword rich but not excessive
  • The article should be short with no more than 700 characters
  • Should have your keyword in the title
  • Articles should always be well presented

The key message here is to make you aware of the different strategies available and express the importance of each. The importance of the article submission is designed to attract a large number of visitors to your website through relevant content from your business to popular directories.

9. Directory Submission

In simple terms the directory submission is exactly how it sounds, you submit your business details to reputable business directories listing sites. Through this, you will receive an authoritative backlink to your website, which in turn increases your domain authority.  This is a sure and simple technique that helps to drive traffic to your website, therefore, improving your overall ranking.  This is known as an off page technique and is very effective, be sure you are submitting to the right type of directories and don’t try to be cleverer than Google, as you can’t and don’t want to run the risk of having your rank penalised.

10. Quality Link Building

Linking is extremely important, from within your website to external sources.  It is almost like a vote that your website is worth mentioning to a sophisticated link analysis and the algorithms of Google.  Link building is among the top tasks required for search ranking and traffic success, why do you think that your web developer always adds their link at the bottom of your page? Don’t worry they reciprocate this link back to your website to help your linking relationship. The more of these relationships you have the better your Google ranking will become.

Once search engines have crawled your pages on the web, they extract the content of your pages and add it to their indexes.  This way they can decide if a page has sufficient quality to be ranked well for relevant keywords.  This is not done by searching your content, this is achieved by looking for the number of links pointing to that page from an external source and examines the quality of that external source.  The better the quality the more likely you will rank well in search results.

It is also important to note that just simply added links to your website to increase your traffic simply doesn’t work, why? Because if the link is not reciprocated back the crawl ends there.  What does this mean? When you site is crawled it looks for all these linking relationships, internally, externally, when it follows an external link (crawls) it is looking for that link back to your website, if it can’t find it, it stops the crawl and guess what, it crawls the site you have linked to and generally increases their rank.

11. Monthly report

How do you know how well you are doing with your SEO? From your monthly report of course! What you don’t have a monthly report! The key to successful SEO is the reporting aspect is to show you how you are tracking between any given month, what changed, what improved and what declined.  The report tells you a story about the performance of your online business, it should offer suggestions, facts and show clearly the changes that have happened.

A monthly report should include some of the following:

  • Link source URL
  • Number of external links
  • Content Creation
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Submissions
  • Rank Report

SEO Summary

This 11 Step guide is only a glims of what is involved in the process of SEO, we have summarised each point to give you a slightly better understanding of the process of search engine optimisation SEO and the value to your online business.  If you want your website to be found you need to follow and further research each one of these terms to improve your Google ranking.  A well designed and developed website built from the ground up will always outperform a CMS design system in our view, or what we call an ‘out of the box’ solution instead of a customised solutions. The real difference between the two types is generally in the price, bespoke developed websites are built with each one of these 11 steps in mind, they are designed to be successful, fast, innovated and most of all responsive and of course Google friendly.

A Rank is your position is a Google search, if you have a Rank of 50 you are on the 5th page of search results for your keywords, your aim should always be a rank of 10 and under.

Oraco Solutions have been performing SEO for clients since 2013 and have perfected their systems to guarantee results and good ranking positions.

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Download your guide here SEO 11 Step Guide

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