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Twitter, what’s all the fuss?

Twitter is still considered to be one of the major communication apps globally. It appears to be the quickest way to reach an audience and get news stories as they break through the retweet option. The question I ask is this – Twitter demographic clearly have to be for people in business and media agencies? Right? I am sure you will disagree; how many under 25 years of age not in business or media use twitter?

Do you have a Twitter account? I have had my Twitter account since 2009 and have only tweeted 1119 times and most of those tweets are fed from my facebook page.  I have a small list of followers (more than 200) and I follow close to 600 twitter accounts. Since twitter increased characters I have used it a lot more, I really found that the frustrating part of Twitter previously, I still don’t capitalise on the opportunities as much as I could or maybe possibly should.  However, it comes down to that good old fashion thing called TIME! I simply don’t have the time or the resource to have feeds going all the time in the hope that someone catches one and investigates what I do, which brings me back to who uses Twitter? Do you pick up new leads, has it gained you any new additional business?

Would be great to start a discussion, tell us your thoughts, or even tweet to us.

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