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Is the way my website developed, important for SEO?

Is the way my website developed important for SEO?

We hear more about SEO than we ever did before in the marketplace and it is a fast-growing business as many try to gain an advantage over their competitors through top-level Google Rankings.  SEO certainly has a key part to play in how we are found at the right time by the right searches looking for the right type of products and services you sell.  You, may even receive about 2-3 emails per week from companies offering SEO and the benefits it can have for your business? All of them can offer what they say but it can be awfully hard to trust a lot of these companies without knowing more about who they are. So why is SEO such a target in the marketplace? Simple, for businesses like myself where website development is extremely saturated you have to stop and look for new revenue streams and SEO certainly offers that. Can you do it yourself? For sure, but do you really have the time to give it justice and the ability for it to be successful, Not in my opinion.

Our SEO 11 step guild is a good starting point to have a better understanding of what SEO is and how the process works.  There is a real key aspect of the SEO process that makes the difference between being successful or unsuccessful online, and that is having a website that has full optimisation.

When a website is constructed and put together there are elements that need to be adhered to for your business to be successful online.

  • Design structure – your website needs to be easy to navigate and make sense to your potential customers when they visit. Everything needs to be in the right place with the right elements.
  • Rank for speed – yes your site needs to be fully optimised, the quicker it loads the better rank you can achieve.
  • Content – you need to have 350-600 words per topic and good content.  Anything less and you just don’t rank as well.
  • External Links – If you link to other websites that don’t replicate that link back then you are wasting your time, all you are doing is increasing their ranking opportunities.
  • Domain Name – best to always have 2 + years on your domain registration, if new to the market, register for 5 years minimum.
  • Professionalism – Can’t speak about this enough, if your website doesn’t look professional enough forget about SEO, you are just wasting good money because an SEO marketing can, of course, drive traffic to your website but they can’t make people buy or contact you.

The reason I decided to write about this aspect of the web development process is I feel it is so often overlooked and that the conservation needs to be discussed. We recently had a new customer that is engaging in our SEO service, they really liked the simple approach and how SEO was delivered to them. We just make it simple for everyday business owners to understand.  The process involves a website audit along with chosen keyword research, after this process was done we basically went to him and said yes we can drive traffic to your website but first there are a list of issues that need to be addressed to justify the expenditure and to make sure they were getting an ROI on their investment.  Our goal is to make sure that the customer is successful with the SEO campaigns they receive from our service, we are always going to be honest, even if it means losing the customer.  We simply won’t take money from people to purely drive traffic to their website without telling them what needs to change on their website for their business to be more successful. Trust me many won’t, they will just drive traffic to your website, if you aren’t getting conversions from increased traffic you really need to be asking why.

Therefore the development process for any website owner should be considered here. You will see us mention that not every website is built equality, some are built with SEO in mind. Before you say it, yes we understand that everybody has a budget and we understand that the expense of getting a great website done will start from $5000 and above. To be honest, if you’re not prepared to spend this that is ok, but there will be some corner cutting, this doesn’t mean that your SEO will be diminished, it may just be the wow factor that slightly decreases or not.

The key message in website development is to never forget the user, yes the people that are going to visit your website as you only have a few seconds to convince them to stay, after all, they are the ones that you want to make purchases from your website and if you have embarked in SEO services then you want to get a return on your investment (ROI) so don’t let your website just be average, let it always be great. Great websites, with SEO campaigns = Increased Sales


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