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Not a topic covered usually, but we thought that it was a good idea to share what to expect when embarking on a Web Development project, the time frames and what is expected from you the owner.

Not a topic covered usually, but we thought that it was a good idea to share what to expect when embarking on a Web Development project, the time frames and what is expected from you the owner.

Great you have decided on your web development company (gee I hope it was us) you have accepted the quote, you like the price, you sort of understand the presentation and you think that they understand what you want? The truth of the matter is the developers and the designer have an image built up in their mind of what is going to be best, it is conveying this to the client which is a unique and tricky process, as we all have our ideas and visions built up in our minds of what we want. Don’t we?

Don’t worry, you have accepted the quote most likely paid your deposit and are ready to push forward. So the trust factor has already come into play and this is important because designers and developers want to do the best by the client based on the budget that has been provided to them, gee did I just say that? Well let’s face it, it is a factor in all projects that you will only ever get what you paid for. Sound harsh I know, but surely you understand this, regardless of the price, the basic process should always be similar.

By now, the development company (hope it’s us once again) should already be making sure that you have your content structure all sorted, and that you know what your menu names are going to be (some guidance will be given) and you know the flow of the pages and the relationship of those pages to each other – sorry I didn’t lose you there already. We call it a wireframe, a spreadsheet of your menu and the flow on to the next menu and so forth. Each page on your website has a relationship and a methodology to the structure.

Once we have all this information we can then start to plan the design the elements of the site structure. Do you get a peak along the way – well normally some concept ideas should be presented, or by the example sites that you have liked, the key is for the developing team to get a feel for what you like and then compare that to your competition (We don’t want to be like them, we want you to be like you)

Before the design can start your company logo along with colour Pantone should have been supplied, we have the framework (wireframe) and the design concepts, all that is needed is your content. The design will be presented in a raw format to get approval from the client (we stair you in the right direction based on the consultation process and the research done on your competition and of course what you showed us you like) Opps forgot something, we would have already had the discussion with you about the hosting options and your domain name, the hosting options will be dependant on the platform we are using and is something that we take care of and advise. (Did I mention that we were an all in one product solutions, we provide the hosting and the domains)

The build time can be dependant on a few factors, the type of site and how quickly the content is supplied to us and signed off by the client. It’s a bit like a house, once we have all the building materials we can put it all together and then work out a go-live date for your website. Delays, delays and more delays, yes it happens and yes there are always reasons for it. We will communicate the reason and explain what is happening, it is not uncommon to have delays as we can have multiple developments happening at any one time. If the website has an official go-live date, don’t worry we will meet that date as it would have been reflected in the price.

What happens after to sign off. If we missed something we will correct at no charge, if you change your mind on some aspects additional costs will apply.

Time frames range from about 4-16 weeks and for major projects they can run from 12-26 weeks.

Don’t forget to read about our SEO posts as they are the most valuable for any website owner and is something that you really are going to need to consider for this reason – You want to be found.

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